We are smart storytellers.
We are high kicks and high IQs.
We are an iron fist in a velvet glove.
We are the sail and the anchor.
We are single moms who get things done.

We are boutique talent with big experience.
We are your biggest fans.
We are here to help.
We are better together.
We are “LaLa” and “Pow”.

We are LaLaPow

Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis

Meet Laura: Head Honcho, Queen Bee, Founder of LaLaPow, and all-around media and marketing guru. Laura attributes her brand amplification acumen to part genetics (Dad was an engineer and Mom taught dance), part experience (national TV and radio host, spokesperson, public speaker, producer, and author), and ultimately the most important part, her “artist’s heart.” Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a minor in Chemistry, her tool belt is equipped to handle almost any project.

Laura explains that her brain is a whiteboard that displays the perfect combination of strategy, creativity, and innovation. For Laura, getting brands “just right” and amplifying them with an integrated media approach is almost as good as that first bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie after it’s been dunked in a cool glass of milk.

Kristi Runge

Meet Kristi Runge (pronounced RUN-ghee): Our Content/Social Media Strategist and Laura’s overall Partner in Creativity and Crime. As our “Strategic Storyteller,” Kristi has a keen knack for launching, polishing, and developing authentic content that tells an engaging story in clients’ unique brand voice — making readers want to click, stay, purchase, and evangelize. Kristi offers 25 years’ finely-tuned editorial experience, from tenures with global PR firms and award-winning nonprofits to most recently AOL/Huffington Post. equally left- and right-brained, Kristi utilizes and INTUITIVE approach that blends various marketing strategies into an INTEGRATED whole. With her life coach and piano teaching skills, she loves to empower clients to think outside the box and take ownership of their brands. She believes in the Oxford comma, the em dash, the power of curiosity, and a strong gin and tonic.

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