“Marketing a business, especially a service-oriented business like mine, had always been most effective as a one-on-one conversation. I mean, how else were people going to get to know ‘the real me?’ Enter Laura Lewis. She first did a short video to promote my JoyTribe retreats. I’m not intimidated by public speaking, but video freaked me out. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was able to help me communicate the purpose of the group succinctly and naturally. When it was time to do an updated video for my Feng Shui business, I knew it had to be Laura again. This time it was more involved, with B-roll and extensive editing, with the option for a stand-alone video describing how energy moves. Her guidance and support allowed me to feel comfortable and dynamic at the same time, and never once did she lose patience with me as I stumbled over my words! I tend to be a perfectionist, and Laura is that stellar blend of marketing guru, creative visionary, and detail-oriented artistic director. And she makes it all fun! I laughed and giggled my way through what had been an incredibly intimidating experience in my head. If you would like to have your business captured in an expertly crafted and edited video, I highly recommend Laura Lewis and her team at LaLaPow!”