Laura Lewis and I have been working together for a number of years. My business goal at the time we started working together was to create a marketing strategy that was an all-encompassing re-brand for my business in Medical Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine. We had to essentially start from scratch.

Laura has been very successful in helping us meet our original goal. She helped create a new logo/color scheme and helped design new office supplies which needed the new logo on them (business cards, envelopes, price sheets, promotional supplies, etc.). She was a key player in recreating our website to have a more modern look and feel. She frequently produces both educational and fun promotional videos to showcase on social media—which she also updates throughout each week. She also helps manage our SEO.

Laura’s style has always been very professional and classy. She is a good listener, very hard worker, and easy to work with. I trust her very much and would recommend her and her team’s services to anyone.